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FluffyLook provides high-quality grooming services for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.

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    Why people choose us

    A few reasons why people prefer our services

    Since our establishment in 1999, we have been working to deliver the best grooming services for your dogs and cats. Besides, pet owners all across the US choose our salon for:

    Healthy and safe environment

    Different grooming styles for your pets

    High-quality and fully sterile equipment

    Convenient and affordable

    Professional care for your pets

    Let your pet enjoy the best grooming services and look and feel awesomely fresh & clean.

    We are passionate about the pets we care for and take the extra time to get to know them as individuals — building lasting relationships with our amazing customers.

    We’re with your pet every step of the way:


    A quick screening where we make sure nothing looks or feels abnormal.



    Initial brush & clip

    This service is personalized to your pets’ needs, including a brushout.



    We gently massage shampoo into your pet’s coat to remove dirt and oil.



    We use a variety of methods from air- & towel-drying to hand-held dryers.


    Full haircut

    Our stylists work their magic to create impressive cuts for your loved pets.

    Grooming salon pricing packages

    We offer a full range of services

    Book an appointment Monday-Thursday for special discounted pricing!
    We offer complete bath, haircut & walk-in grooming services.

    Bath & full

    For pets like seniors and puppies who need a bath & haircut

    The package includes:

    Bath & grooming package

    For pets who need a bath, haircut & extra attention to their coats

    The package includes:

    Skin & itch

    All skin & itch solution upgrades are available

    The package includes:

    Pet care staff

    Meet our groomers

    We hire the best groomers, veterinarians, and other team members who are not just highly qualified but also love working with pets and their owners.

    Julie Jones

    Cat groomer

    Julie is one of our grooming salon co-founders who loves cats and does her grooming job amazingly well.


    Brandon Russell

    Cat groomer

    Brandon can find a way to wash & do a haircut for almost any pet that our customers bring to FluffyLook.


    Savannah Black

    Dog groomer

    Looking forward to grooming your dog? Trust Savannah with this delicate matter because she is our top dog groomer.


    Jerome Edwards

    Daycare attendant

    Jerome's love of dogs and cats of all shapes, breeds, and sizes make him the absolute best daycare attendant!


    Bessie Webb


    If your dog or cat requires additional vet care, don't hesitate to turn to Bessie, who is our veterinarian.


    Theresa Simmons

    Customer care manager

    Theresa can answer all your questions about grooming services that FluffyLook provides daily.

    See the results!

    Enjoy the best grooming styles
    and care for your pets

    7-point pet care check

    Prior to each service we check
    your pets from nose to tail.

    Our stylists visually and physically screen your pet to make sure nothing looks or feels abnormal. There is a variety of factors to check before grooming, bathing, or cleaning starts. Let’s check together:

    Trusted and loved by the clients all over the US

    FluffyLook is the best grooming salon I have ever had. My dog Molly is over 15 years old and she loves going to see your groomers every time. They do a fabulous job on her every single time. I can always trust them to be kind and caring.”
    Julie Hawkins
    January 10, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

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    Keep your dog clean without dealing with the mess.